Focus is Overrated

I took this image while on a nighttime photo walk with a couple of friends recently.  Near the dark porch of a local business I found this small puppet swinging in the breeze.  It was too dark to get an accurate autofocus lock on a moving target.  I snapped a few shots anyway and I was intrigued by this one.  It is focused just enough to make out the important details.  Being out of focus gives a certain hint of mystery to the subject I think.

These days when I read what photographers have to say about their gear there is almost an obsession with sharpness.  I've been there myself, fretting over the most minute details in my images.  Lately though I find myself more attracted to images such as this.  The subject out of sharp focus but something endearing is there nevertheless.  Critical focus is indeed overrated or at least optional in some cases.