Time to Shake Things Up

Over the recent long Independence Day weekend I took advantage of my extra time off to do a complete makeover on my web site.  I've been using SmugMug to host my image archive and serve as a portfolio of sorts.  While I love SmugMug and it has been great for delivering images to the folks I shoot for, it just didn't look all that great as a landing place for my primary web site.  SmugMug can, of course, be customized a great deal by those who know more than I about web design and coding.  Frankly, I don't care to spend my time trying to create a web site from scratch.  I'd rather be out driving my camera.

I've done a lot of looking at other photographers' web sites and I started to notice a commonality in certain parts of the designs and functionality of the sites that I admired.  I came to find out that a lot of the sites I liked were created with Squarespace.  So, I decided to do a free trial run and after a couple hours of playing around with their templates and site construction objects I was sold.  It didn't take long at all to get a template tweaked to my liking and I was able to import my blog from Google's Blogger relatively painlessly.  There were a few formatting issues but nothing that I wasn't able to quickly address.

It will take some time to get all the content in place that I'd like.  The new site will have a different emphasis than my SmugMug site.  Rather than lots of galleries of varied images I'm planning to take a more story oriented approach.  There will still be some sample galleries of my work.  More often you can expect to see groupings of related images that form a cohesive idea or storyline - photo essays of sorts.  My SmugMug site isn't going away.  It will still serve as a master online archive of my photos and the place that I direct clients to for image downloads and prints.  

I'm looking forward to the new direction and I hope you enjoy the ride along with me.  It might be a bit bumpy at times.  Rides to interesting places often are.

Above photo was taken in a car traveling 80mph down Texas State Highway 130 one night. Don't worry, I was the passenger.  Taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 and the XF 35mm lens.