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The Candid Frame

Michael ConnellComment

I was thinking over the holidays about how there are so many freely available resources for photographers out there. We're talking top quality stuff - blogs, tutorials, videos, podcasts, e-books...you name it. It's amazing how many talented photographers are out there generously sharing their knowledge and experience, asking for little or nothing in return. I devour tons of free resources in a given year. One of my resolutions for the new year is to give back to some of these folks when I can.

Instead of music, I often listen to podcasts in my car during my daily commute. My favorite podcast by far is The Candid Frame by Ibarionex Perello. Each week Ibarionex interviews a photographer. It may be a total "rock star" photographer or it may be someone relatively unknown. I've discovered many great new (to me) photographers through the podcast. What really sets The Candid Frame apart is Ibarionex's interviewing style. He never fails to ask deep, thoughtful questions of his guests. Listen to a few episodes and you're guaranteed to hear a guest pause and remark, "Wow, that's a really good question!" Ibarionex has a way of getting to core of what motivates and drives the photography of his guests - philosophy, past experience, influences, causes, passion.  You know, the really important stuff. This isn't your typical "What gear do you use?" or "What technique did you process this photo with?" sort of interview. Ibarionex and his guests will end up talking about the things that are truly meaningful in photography and life, for that matter.

While doing some year end housekeeping of things, I noticed that my subscription to a photography magazine was coming up due. As I started to make an online payment, I paused for a moment and thought about Ibarionex's podcast. I realized I get way more out of that podcast than I get out of the magazine, which these days is mostly about gear and trendy techniques. Instead of renewing my subscription, I sent that payment to Ibarionex. His website has a PayPal donation link that made it easy. It felt better to do this than anything else I've done in recent history. 

Is there a particular free resource that you've made use of regularly? Whether it be The Candid Frame or something else, consider kicking a few bucks toward someone who does something that benefits you. Even a small monetary gift, the price of a cup of coffee, would probably brighten someone's day and let he or she know that what they do is appreciated.