Knowing When to Color

Those who follow my Flickr photo stream have probably noticed my gravitation toward B&W images lately.  I have been dabbling with predominantly B&W images of urban landscapes, including some work with B&W film.  Shooting in B&W primarily is teaching me to visualize things in B&W (not a huge stretch for my mostly color blind eyes) and I'm figuring out when it works for a subject and when it is less than optimal.

It was the bright orange color of the above building's facade that grabbed my attention.  Orange is a weird color to me.  I have trouble discerning it from red a lot of times.  Orange seems to "glow" more.  The color really jumped out here in the late afternoon sun.  My Fuji X100 was set to record a raw file and a B&W JPG.  The JPG immediately looked flat upon reviewing the image on the LCD.  Without the punch of the vivid color, only a flat gray remained.

Since I had the raw file, I cooked up a color and B&W version in Lightroom.  The B&W version isn't bad.  There is too much of one shade of gray for my tastes though.  I think it would worked better if the windows hadn't been boarded up and painted the same color as the bricks.  While I would have liked to have used B&W to match up with the other shots I took in Smithville, TX that day, the subject just didn't seem to work as well in monochrome.  Which do you prefer?