Hockey and Photography Training Camp

I started working as a photographer for the Texas Stars AHL hockey team early this year and I'm pleased that I'll be returning as one of the team's staff photographers for the new season starting next month.  Pro hockey teams are busy ramping up for the season right now.  The Dallas Stars, our NHL affiliate team, held their training camp last week and a lot of the our Texas Stars players were there.

Yesterday I headed to Fort Worth, TX to attend a scrimmage game on the last day of training camp and get some shots of our guys.  My buddy John and I left before the crack of dawn to make the 3 hour drive and arrive in time to catch the early game.  John also photographs for the Texas Stars.  This wasn't just a training camp for the players; it was also a training camp for the two of us, giving us a great opportunity to get our heads back into covering a fast paced game after a summer break!

We captured over a thousand shots between the two of us, typical for a pro game where the action is fast and you get your shots in machine gun-like bursts.  I posted a condensed set of about 200 images to my site for use by the teams.  The Dallas Stars Inside Edge blog picked up some images and kindly featured my scrimmage game gallery in a nice post this morning.  Many thanks to blogger Mark Stepneski for the kind shout out!

I'm really looking forward to the new season and I'm honored to work with the Stars again.  You can find my pictures from the Texas Stars games throughout the season here.  Check out John's Stars photos here.

Go Stars!