The Wall of Death

The Republic of Texas (R.O.T.) Biker Rally was in town this past weekend. The rally is held at the Expo center in far east Austin but this year a secondary site was setup in the heart of downtown Austin. Even though I ride a motorcycle, I'm not usually all that crazy about going to big rallies. Too crowded, loud, expensive, and downright hot as hell this time of year. However, a buddy of mine was interested in checking out the new downtown part of the event. A car show was going on that sounded interesting so he talked me into it.

We didn't make it downtown until late afternoon and were surprised to see the car show had already wrapped up and cleared out. A few custom bike and food vendors remained behind but not much was going on. On the upside, the Ives Brothers Wall of Death show was going on and I got to check it out.   Stuff like this usually has a long line at these events but being late in the day we were able to walk write up.  It was a brief but entertaining show of skill and bravery. These guys whipped around this thing pretty fast, but I managed to get a few shots by focusing manually with a wide angle lens.

All shots were taken with my Fujifilm X-T1 and 14mm f/2.8 lens.  Black and white JPEGs from the camera were adjusted for contrast and toned in Lightroom.