5 Day Black and White Challenge #1

Evan Gearing threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to a 5 Day Black and White Challenge - i.e. post a black and white image to my blog every day for 5 days in a row. Apparently this challenge has been making the rounds among blogging photogs but I wasn't aware of it until this morning. Challenge accepted, Evan! 

Those who follow me (I think there are one or two) know that I post quite frequently in black and white anyway. Is it that much of a challenge then? Well, yeah it is. Any photographer knows that creating a good black and white image is not trivial. It's quite arguably more difficult than working with color. When you only have grayscale tones to work with, things like composition and the relation of highlights and shadows are so critical. It isn't as simple as clicking one button and getting a black and white conversion. My best efforts always include hand dodging and burning, and often some toning.

The image above was taken a few weeks back. I was roaming around downtown snapping photos in the warehouse district of downtown Austin with my friend John. A welcome rain shower lazily drifted over the city and we took shelter under an awning when the rain began to fall a little heavily. Across the street I noticed the bright light spilling out of the windows of Urban Outfitters. It made a nice background against which I could snap some silhouette shots of folks passing by.