5 Day Black and White Challenge #4

It's day 4 of my Black and White Challenge and it's Halloween!  I thought this Dia de los Muertos sugar skull themed shoot I participated in last night would be an excellent candidate for today's black and white image. I just love the colorful makeup and costumes associated with Dia de los Muertos celebrations but I wanted something a little darker and moodier for tonight's post being that it is Halloween after all. Model Lyn Srinual and makeup artist Kristin Pilsner really did a great job with this look.

The concept of Dia de los Muertos is fascinating to me and I've grown to look forward to it each year. The holiday celebrates and remembers those loved ones who have passed on and it is said that their sprits return for a visit with their living family and friends. Rather than mourn the dead, this holiday celebrates their lives. It's a time for fun and frivolity with no tears allowed, lest they make the path back to the living world slippery for the returning spirits. It's a beautiful sentiment and one that has become important to me.

This time of year I think a lot about my Mom who passed away around Thanksgiving a few years back. The pastor of the church who conducted her funeral service had asked for a picture of Mom to place on an ofrenda, an altar dedicated to remembering the deceased, and I remember this being a very special thing that gave me comfort in my time of grief. I've learned more about the customs associated with Dia de lost Muertos since then and I try to embrace this wonderful way of thinking about death.