Waxahachie World War II Weekend 2014

This Veterans Day I thought I'd share a few images that I took at a WWII reenactment in Waxahachie, TX last weekend. They have a big event every year there to honor veterans and share some living history. The main attraction to a lot of people is a battle reenactment where allied forces take a railroad depot back from the Germans. While the battle is a great sight to see, I'm more there to wander around the camps and streets where lots of dedicated reenactors can be seen in full uniform and character. I enjoy mingling with these folks and documenting what they do. These reenactors go to great efforts at personal expense to accurately recreate historical events of WWII. In that spirit, I try to capture moments of these folks in character. As best I can, I isolate them from their modern surroundings and try to provide a realistic glimpse of history. 

To our nation's veterans who have bravely served in defense of our freedom - thank you.

My full gallery of images from the event can be viewed here.

All images were captured with a Fujifilm X-T1 and XF55-200mm lens. Black and white images from the camera were post processed in Adobe Lightroom to mimic film contrast and grain.