Headless Pondering

I post images to Flickr fairly frequently, usually a few a week. A lot of the images I share are not necessarily intended to be serious works of art.  Some things I post just because I think they are interesting or intriguing (the image above falls into that category.)  Sometimes I post something to see how well it is received, a trial run of sorts before posting to my blog or portfolio.  Some things are artsy, some things are documentary.  Some things are just simple snaps that I decide to share.  I like it or I wouldn't post it but I don't always expect others to be wowed by every image that I share on Flickr or anywhere else for that matter.

The truth is that after about 5 years of photography now I'm still not very good at predicting which of my images will be the most popular.  I captured and shared the image above because I found the scene interesting, puzzling, and a little bizarre.  Headless mannequins are kind of freaky in my book.  I liked the scene and the light so I grabbed a shot while walking around south Congress in Austin with my wife one evening.  I shared the image a few days later on Flickr and it was quite well received.  It even made the mysterious Flickr Explore, a collection of the day's most interesting 500 photos as decided by a highly secretive algorithm that combs through the bazillion or so photos uploaded every day.

What was it that garnered so much attention?  Was it the composition, the light, the contrast, the tone...or maybe just the creepy factor?  I just knew I liked the scene when I came across it and I'm happy that quite a few folks on the net took a liking to it as well.  I think it means I'm doing something right.  Maybe that something is simply capturing what is interesting to me, applying my personal touch with a little post processing work and sharing my vision with others.  Not everybody will appreciate my images as much as I do.  Some times nobody will.  It is cool when a few people take notice and like an image.  I wouldn't say Flickr's Explore is a reliable gauge of quality photography.  However, it always makes me stop and reflect when one of my images is chosen for the daily Explore.  It makes me take a more analytic look at the photo and think more about why I liked it to begin with and maybe understand what others might have seen in it that I missed.