The Chiaroscuro Dance

While in Las Vegas for Photoshop World recently, I wandered around the Fremont St. area one evening. Several casinos had outdoor bars with girls dancing on them. The D Bar caught my attention. Well, OK, the girls on the bar caught my attention. Beautiful women dancing aside, I saw the potential for some noir inspired images in the narrow pools of light that the ladies moved within across the bar. I captured these images with my Fujifilm X-T1 set to a black and white JPEG style to help me visualize my idea for the final look. In post processing I did a good bit of dodging and burning to produce what I had in mind. The play of shadow and light mimics the sensual and playful movements of the dancers. A lot of my images lately have been evolving into this deeper, darker look. There was a point where I tended to keep detail throughout my images, even into the darkest shadows. These days I'm not afraid of deep, dark shadows and crushed blacks. What I choose to conceal is every bit as important as what I reveal.