La Roque and the X100T

When I first got into photography, I voraciously consumed camera and associated gear reviews. A few years have passed and I'm a little more seasoned. I have at least some idea what I'm doing. I've got a set of gear that works well for me and I'm good with that. I barely give reviews a passing glance these days. I don't care much for reading up on the latest technologies and trends either. I'd rather be spending my online time looking at images and reading about the art of photography than pondering the feature sets of the tools. Yeah gear is cool and I do love the cameras I own. The gear side of things just isn't where I direct my focus these days.

There are a number of photographer blogs I follow because I'm inspired by the images and words. While the art is where it's at for me, it's no secret that a gear oriented post is going to draw more hits to a blog. Sad but true. To that end, a lot of photographers will make it a point to write about gear - tossing out their 2 cents on the latest bit of kit to hit the market or their camera bag. This appeals to the masses and gets that traffic flowing. Lately this approach has the opposite effect on me. Yawn. Groan. Ugh. Another rambling essay extolling the virtues of the latest photography widget. I'm outta here. Next!

Then there are exceptions out there. One of the guys I follow,  Patrick La Roque, recently posted his review of the Fujifilm X100T. Dare I click...ah! Few words, lots of great images. No idle chit-chat, irrelevant comparisons with brand X, silly lists of why this is the camera for you, or shots of brick walls. It's just a bunch of images that demonstrate what the camera is capable of in the hands of a talented photographer. How refreshing!

Check out Patrick's review here. Even if you don't give a rat's butt about the X100T, it's still worth a visit to see his galleries of wonderfully intimate documentary style photography taken with this camera.