Veterans Day

The Living History Detachment of the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry stages several WWII Reenactments a year around the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays. I make it a point to attend and document these events with my camera. Some might find it odd to stage depictions of war. Those who participate in these events do so not to glorify war. Rather, they go to great lengths to educate on its harsh realities and the cost of the freedoms that we enjoy due to the sacrifices made by our veterans. Many of the living historians who participate have served in the military and consider it an honor to share the story and history of WWII. 

My goal in photography at these events is two-fold. For one, I try to accurately capture the characters and battles in a manner that gives the images plausibility. My shots are composed to isolate the scenes and remove any hints of a modern time period if possible. Secondly, I try to capture the humanity of actors in their characters - their emotional responses, long stares, the war faces. Some of those are backed by real memories of service. It's my way of honoring our veterans. To those who have served, thank you.

More images from the event are here.