I've been kind of off the grid lately. My life priorities were suddenly changed by a management decision at work that brought an end to my 15 year tenure. A few of us were affected by this change in business focus. It was a tough blow, not just because of losing my primary source of income, but because the group I've worked with all these years is like family. We did a lot of great things together. All good things...

15 years is an amazing run in the technology world. Things change quickly. These days you have to show continual growth (i.e. increasing profits) or you can be assured that heads will roll. Innovate, be profitable, or perish. I've always been a driven person but 15 years in one place did become comfortable and feel "safe." The reality is there really is no "safe" spot in the fields I work - technology and photography. You hustle your butt off, do the best you can...and sometimes it still won't be enough.

This major life event has forced me to reevaluate my life - what is important, where and how I spend my time, and with whom I spend it. My reset button has been pressed. It's time to reinvent, adapt, innovate, become passionate about the next big thing. But it's not all about things, it's about people - relationships. I realized how lucky I am as my friends have reached out in support these past few weeks.

Things are going to be fine. I should be under new employment by the end of the month. As I adapt to a new job role I'll also be reworking other areas of life. There is some uncertainty ahead. That need not be a negative or intimidating thing. While I don't know what the quickly approaching new year will bring, I know that I must face it with a firm resolve - positively, passionately, and with perseverance. I have work to do, things to say, images to create, and most importantly good people to share in the journey.