2 Peas in a Pod

This almost never happens around here. Our two poodles crawled into one bed together on a chilly morning and they both ended up leaning over the same side. I was working at my computer when I glanced down and saw them together. Luckily, I happened to have my camera with a suitable lens and flash mounted within arms reach on my desk. Knowing this arrangement wasn't likely to last long, I turned on the camera, dialed in an exposure, and quickly got down to floor level to snap this shot. I knew I'd have only one, maybe two shots at most before camera-shy Lucy would turn away. Chloe is usually more photogenic but this time it was she who immediately got out of bed to lick my face. I think it would be easier to herd cats than get these two to pose like this so I was quite happy to catch the moment before it disappeared.

What Lucy thinks of the household paparazzi.