The Ominous Road Home

It was a dark and gloomy ride home from work. Isolated rain showers and thunderstorms lazily drifted about in the distance. The last sunlight of the day struggled to tear through the darkness, ultimately smothered by the thick blanket of rain clouds. The rain didn't amount to much. The skies only threatened a downpour and released very little water to the earth. We'll take what we can get in these parched, drought stricken parts. As long as there isn't hail or damaging winds, we'll take the occasional thunderstorms. Spring is an interesting time around here. It may bring welcome gentle rain to replenish our lakes and wells. The skies can just as easily unleash a violent and destructive fury. We may not get a drop of water and the drought may plague us another year. It's hard to say in these parts of Texas. There is measure of both fear and hope in Texas storm clouds. There is also profound beauty in these charcoal painted skies.

Images were captured in black and white with a Fujifilm XF1.