It was a hell of a Memorial Day yesterday in the Austin area. It rained. And rained. And rained some more. The wind was fierce in some parts. Several tornadoes were reported in the area. In Williamson County where I live we thankfully just got the rains. I don't have a rain gauge but I'm certain we got at least 6" in a period of about 2 hours. Water was pooling in our backyard faster than it could run off along the sides of the house. The water level rose. And rose. One of my dogs gets terrified in storms. I was starting to share her fears. The water got closer and closer to the house. The intensity of the rain was unrelenting. It rained so hard the gutters were spilling over. Finally, when I was certain we'd have water in our home before the day was through, the storm line slid east. Damn that was too close.

The critters in the house and I finally got calmed down and I cracked a beer. I sat in my living room chair with a sense of relief and thankfulness. It was a little while later as the sun set on the battered lands that I noticed an odd orange glow outside. It reflected off the standing water in the backyard and poured in through the living room windows. I went outside and saw the orange sky filled with an odd cloud formation that looked like a field of cotton (I later found out these are called Mammatus clouds.) It was so unusual that several neighbors were outside snapping photos. Good idea. I ran back into the house and got my trusty XT-1 and no sooner got a few frames off before the orange glow disappeared and the moment was gone. A fleeting bit of beauty left behind by a terrible storm. The storms over the past week have brought loss of life and property. My heart goes out to those who are suffering through this destructive weather. There is more rain in the forecast this week. It is a mixed blessing in our drought stricken area. The lakes are filling. So are the streets.