She Dances With Light

I was in downtown Austin for the Noir City film festival at Alamo Drafthouse last night. As my wife and I made our way through the 6th party crowd, I noticed that the Bat Bar had a dancer in their stage window. Since I happened to have my small point and shoot Fujifilm XF1 with me, I stopped to grab a few shots. The shot above is the scene that caught my eye. After firing off a few frames I realized that I needed to get closer. I framed the window tightly and fired away for minute or so. The quirky XF1 doesn't focus that great in situations like this and that didn't bother me. I was out to capture the patterns of light, the form and gesture of the dancer, and the energy of her dancing. It can't be an easy job - performing in a 6th St. bar window with an audience of mostly cat calling staggering party goers. Still, she seemed to feed off the thumping pulse of the music and danced with a passion.

Here are a few shots I like. I cropped them to squares since nothing outside the window mattered. I think I avoid square crops because it makes me think of Instagram. Sometimes it is what the image needs though. Harsh light, high contrast, and a little crunchy with grain. Hopefully some of the energy finds its way through.