The Mooks!

I got to see The Mooks at Strange Brew again recently. My wife and I got there early and managed to snag a table at center stage. Seating is hard to come by at most Austin club shows so this was a treat. I didn't bring my Fuji X-T1 out this time since we were out to just have fun and hang out with friends. That's not to say I wasn't prepared for a little photography. My little Fuji XF1 was in my pocket and I brought it out for a couple of songs. This compact point and shoot isn't a great choice for low light photography. It gets real noisy at the ISOs necessary for concert shooting. Still, I was able to get a few decent shots of the boys rocking out.

When using the XF1 I tend to treat it like a full auto point and shoot even though it does offer full manual control. I usually set it to the appropriate EXR mode and fire away. This mode creates 6MP JPEGs with a bit of expanded dynamic range from the data captured with the 12MP sensor. I shoot in an EXR mode in black and white almost exclusively.  The extra course grain from shooting at ISO 3200 doesn't bother me at all in black and white. In fact, I usually add some grain in post processing. 

Anyway...enough jibber jabber about the damn camera. Here are some snaps of The Mooks.