Dallas Stars Green vs White Scrimmage

I can't believe hockey season is upon us already. Where did the summer go? I went back to work today shooting games for the Texas Stars organization. The Dallas Stars (our NHL affiliate) is holding training camp at our facilities in the the Cedar Park Center. Today was a scrimmage game for players in the training camp, including a few seasoned veterans on the Dallas Stars roster. These training camp games are fun to cover. It's all about pushing hard and showing what you can do. Nobody is dropping gloves, they are just playing hockey - showing the coaching staff what they are made of.

NHL level play is such a challenge to photograph. You really have to be down at ice level to appreciate how fast and erratic these guys move. It took me a while to get my groove back with tracking these athletes. While they are giving it their all on the ice, I'm pushing myself and my camera to stay with them. My first period was a little rough - lots of sloppy or missed shots. I soon got it under control and was following the players closely and yelling at my Nikon D750 to stay with me. It has a fast and sophisticated autofocus system but hockey is still a challenge for it. Here are a few of my shots on and off the ice today.

Full image gallery from the game is here.