Flying Balalaika Brothers At Sahara Lounge

I've been wanting to catch these guys for quite some time and it finally worked out last night. At the last minute I noticed that the Flying Balalaika Brothers were playing at the Sahara Lounge. I jumped at the chance to enjoy a great band without having to fight traffic and find parking in downtown Austin. The Sahara Lounge is a cool little out of the way dive bar and it was packed on this Sunday night. 

The Flying Balalaika Brothers had the place literally shaking as an enthusiastic crowd danced and bounced around on the wooden dance floor. The Slavic sound of the band's eclectic music defies categorization. It's high energy and they are as fun to watch as listen to. Give these guys a little vodka and they tear up the stage with their frenzied style of music. It's a unique experience and I really enjoyed seeing this band. I'll look forward to catching another show.

All images were taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 and XF 35mm f/1.4 lens with Acros film simulation. Check out more shots from the show on my gallery site here.