Hockey and Tri-X

Hockey is an incredibly tough sport to photograph. For reasons that escape me at the moment I decided to make it even harder on myself and snap a few shots at a recent Texas Stars game the old fashioned way. I used my Olympus OM-4Ti with a 85mm f/2 lens and some Tri-X black and white film. No autofocus, no bursting frames and pushing the heck out of some way too slow film. It would take luck to get anything good with this setup.

But this is how things used to be done, before we got cameras that rip numerous frames a second and track players with advanced continuous autofocus. We have it so easy these days, don't we? Shooting things old school like this once in a while is a humbling experience that keeps me grounded. I realize how much I rely on that bursting shutter over my own experience, intuition, and anticipation. It's really hard to get good shots without all that technology. Guys like Bruce Bennett did for years though. 

I'll be honest - there weren't many keepers out of the 24 or so frames I shot. And the ones I kept, well, they won't win any prizes. Still, it's a fun exercise to do once in a while even if it can be a little frustrating. If every shot mattered as much a frame of 35mm film, imagine how much better our shots could be with those modern whizz-bang cameras.