Rocky Schenck - The Recurring Dream

Yesterday I was honored to meet one of my favorite photographers, Rocky Schenck. I've written about one of Rocky's monographs before, Photographs. When I heard that his new book, The Recurring Dream, was released I was thrilled. Then I found out Rocky was scheduled for a talk and book signing at an exhibition of his work at The Wittliff Collections on the Texas State campus in nearby San Marcos. I was so there.

The books are beautiful, certainly. But seeing the images in I must have walked through the exhibit at least a half dozen times, pausing at length to study my favorites. The depth, tones, and texture of the large prints is remarkable. The exhibit runs through mid-December. If you are a lover of photography and in the area, go see Rocky's work as it should be seen. I was already a fan and I came away with an even deeper appreciation for his images.

Rocky's talk at his reception was as moving as his work. Having met him personally now and hearing him present to a large group, it is quite apparent that he is a humble and private person who isn't particularly comfortable talking about himself or his body of work. In his own words, he'd rather let the work speak for itself. He described himself as emotional and it was obviously difficult for him to present to a bunch of strangers about art that is so personal to him. His images have been special to me since I first discovered them and all the more so now. I'll admit I got a little emotional myself. It was a moving experience. I feel honored and privileged that Rocky shared a bit of himself along with his body of work. I don't think it's something he does very often.

The Recurring Dream is a collection of images that are created in Rocky's unique style. Dream is certainly an appropriate word. His work is quite dream-like, perhaps nightmarish at times, and as soothing as a fond memory at others. The images are meticulously created in a blending of Rocky's skills as a photographer and painter. His black and white prints are toned with layers of color to create images with deep mood and feeling. There are stories here if you take the time to ponder the imagery and allow yourself to become immersed in these snapshot dreams.

Rocky called himself emotional. I'll say he's passionate. I'm glad to have met him and to add another volume of his incredible work to my collection. Thanks for sharing, Rocky.