Pushing TRI-X

I love the look of Kodak TRI-X black and white film. It has nice mid range tones and just the right of grain for me. At 400 ASA it often isn't fast enough for the conditions I find myself typically photographing in so I decided to try an experiment and push it to 1600 ASA. I had heard that it pushes nicely and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I like the results better than what I've gotten with Kodak P3200 in the past. The grain is negligible and the contrast is quite good. I only minimally adjusted the contrast curves of the film scans in Lightroom. I had my local lab, Austin Camera, develop the film with a +2 push and scan the negatives for me. I'll certainly be experimenting more with pushed TRI-X in the future.  Here are a few favorites from the first roll.