King's X at Parish

"You're all beautiful people. Be kind to each other." Maybe it's not the message you expect at a metal show but it is the sort of thing you'll hear preached at the First Church of Rock and Roll - aka a King's X concert. The band has been a favorite of mine for more years than I care to admit. They supply a hard edged sound driven by passion, love, and friendship. On the last few tours I've had to drive down to San Antonio from Austin to see them on a stage. I'd give them shit after the shows about always skipping Austin. I was so happy to see that after an absence of too many years they finally came back to Austin for a weeknight show at Parish.

A big reason for going to a King's X show, apart from a love for their music, is the positive vibe you get there. They are a true brotherhood. They love playing together and they love their fans. I've never been to a show where bassist and lead vocalist Dug failed to offer some encouraging words. They make a it a point to hang out after their shows and will patiently meet with every fan that wants to meet them. The guys are downright kind and beautiful people. 

In spite of living in Austin for a couple of decades now, this show was my first visit to the Parish. It is an upstairs club on "Dirty 6th" in downtown. The house was packed. I got permission from the tour manager to snap some photos and was able to talk my way up to the front at stage center. My thanks to the folks there who let me sneak in front of them for a little while! I knew I only had 3 songs to take photos up front so I went in light with only my Fujifilm X-T2 and XF 35mm f/1.4 lens.

The images are all the in-camera Acros black and white film simulation. I initially intended to produce color images and had a change of heart. Those who know me know that I prefer black and white most of the time anyway. I only half jokingly tell people that I shoot in black and white for myself and color for other people. That said, I had another reason for choosing to go with monochrome. The clubs around here have been going to LED lighting that is really intense. The red and blue colors tend to easily blow out their respective channels on the camera sensor and skin gets blown very easily with the red in particular. The concentrated light of the individual LEDs in the light clusters are painful to my eyes when I catch a glimpse when they are directed toward the audience. Shooting with the EVF of the X-T2 makes it easier on me. Oh how I miss the old fashioned gelled cans! 

More photos from the show can be seen on my gallery site.