All I Want For Christmas Is You

This is the face that has greeted me when I come home for almost 14 years now. Chloe is a happy, spunky little dog with a love for life. The fact that she is still with us is miraculous. She started to lose weight dramatically about 5 years ago. Our vet found a large tumor on her liver and said that there wasn't anything he could do. We ended up finding a specialist who said he believed he could save her life. He was right. It wasn't cheap but Chloe had a major surgery that got her back to health and she's still here 5 years later. The doctor couldn't get all of the tumor out and it is starting to impact her health again, along with the natural impact of age. Chloe has slowed down quite a bit lately. She's had a few illnesses this year and it gets harder for her to rebound each time. Her legs quiver a bit when she stands sometimes. She doesn't seem to be in pain and seems to be herself otherwise. Still, I know her time left with us is short.

Chloe was laying next to me on the couch recently. As I pet her, she looked up at me for a while. She has been getting over a urinary tract infection and was feeling groggy. As she looked at me I told her I know she is going to have to leave us someday soon. I asked her if she could, to please stay with us for Christmas. She looked at me a brief moment longer and then curled up beside me. Today is Christmas and she climbed up into my lap, threw her paws over my shoulders, and licked my face. It is a Merry Christmas indeed. Thanks, Chloe.