Solitude in the City

I've been quiet on the blog lately. A sinus infection that turned into bronchitis has had me down and out for a good week now. After days of sinus headaches, hacking coughs, difficulty breathing, fevers, and just feeling generally lousy, I'm starting to return to health. Seems like everyone is getting sick. Ah, spring time in Austin, allergy capital of the world. 

Speaking of Austin, those of us who have lived here for many years are finding our once little city not so little any more. Thousands of people move here every year. Our traffic has become a nightmare. Rush hour never seems to stop anymore. The open land around the city is getting consumed with growth as the landscape is bulldozed for more subdivisions. In the heart of the city, new construction extends skyward as high priced condos can't seem to be erected fast enough. The city is changing at an alarming rate and I can't say it is for the better.

The image above was taken a few weeks back in downtown Austin. I like to run out with an old manual-only film camera and a roll of film every so often. It's a breath of simplicity and sanity in this fast paced gadget focused world. It's a time to switch off the smart phone and wander about in search of images with only my creativity and experience to guide me. Exposures are made by my judgement of the light, no computers involved, no batteries required. Perfection doesn't matter. I'll make mistakes. Not every frame is a keeper and it costs me time and money to find that out. A little skill, a little chance, maybe a picture worth keeping. 

It is getting harder these days but if know where to look in Austin you can still find a quiet moment of solitude. The Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge is a popular place and usually full of people on a nice day. As I was walking below the bridge I glanced up and saw the one guy. In that brief moment it looked like he had the bridge to himself. Far from it, of course. For a short time at least, he had his solitude in the city.

Image captured with an Olympus OM-1N 35mm camera with 50mm f/1.8 lens and red filter. Poly Pan black and white 50asa film.