Flat Track Racing in Gruene

Gruene Harley Davidson threw a heck of a 10th Anniversary bash this weekend. The usual Harley party components were well represented - bikes, babes, and booze. All good things to be sure but I made the trip down with a looming threat of torrential rain to check out the flat track races. This type of motorcycle racing really seems to be catching on around here and this is the third event I've been to this year that has featured a flat track race. The heavy earth moving equipment was putting the finishing touches on the impromptu track when I arrived. Soon we were watching bikes whip around the small course, kicking up clouds of dust. 

There were some pro / semi-pro riders competing in a Hooligan race and then there were a bunch of guys racing in a "run what ya brung" series. The latter was pretty entertaining. Anybody willing to pay a small entry fee was able to get their fool self out there on the track with pretty much any sort of bike. Hope some of them had trailers to haul their bikes home after taking a spill in the dirt! Looked like fun, although I'm not quite ready to take my Sporty out on the dirt. I had a blast watching the races and getting some shots. A chain link fence around the track made photography a little tough. I got a few shots I liked regardless, with my trusty Fujifilm X-T1 no less. 

In addition to the flat track races, Unknown Industries was out there doing some freestyle riding demos on how to destroy motorcycle rear tires. There was lots of smoke and some impressive wheelies! Amazing stunt riding by these guys. I'm still coughing up burnt rubber.

I didn't get to stay for the final races as I was keeping an eye on the weather radar and I decided it was best to make the ride back to Austin before any more of the increasing spotty thunderstorms crossed my path home. My rain suit came in handy as I rode through a brief but fairly strong storm around Kyle. The storms quickly dissipated not long after I arrived home. I wished I'd stayed longer. You never know what is going to happen with Texas weather though. It could have just as easily been a total monsoon. A nice rainbow appeared outside my garage as I put the bike away. Maybe we'll have some dry days this week.