First Ride of the New Year

The first day of the new year was a beautiful one and I couldn't resist a ride down a few Texas backroads with my good friend Mark. We both had some work to finish this morning so we didn't get to hit the road until late afternoon. First order of business was a stop at a BBQ trailer in downtown Hutto. We enjoyed some great food at a picnic table outside in the 70 degree weather - ah, winter in south central Texas. After filling up ourselves, there was a quick stop to fuel up our bikes before heading north.

I took us out to Rogers, TX, a little town I'd ridden through before. We wandered around a bit and took a few photos of some interesting buildings and grain silos. I loved the way the light was raking across the town just an hour before sunset. I was shooting in black and white and loved the extreme contrast of the hard light. Next up, a short ride down from Rogers took us to Davilla. We were headed west directly into the setting sun so I was happy to get off the bike because I could barely see the road for the glare. This small speck of a town made Rogers look like a metropolis. A few neglected old buildings were excellent subjects for photos. 

We decided to leave Davilla heading in a southerly direction instead of the more direct westward route to avoid riding for miles into the brilliant sun as it sank in the cloudless sky. This was a new route for me and I was soon glad we went that way. We rode through Sharp and I was pointing at all kinds of cool stuff along side the road. Daylight was fading fast and I was making a mental note that we would have to return on another day when I saw Mark flip a U-turn in my mirror. We just passed an abandoned school and that was too much for my urban exploration loving friend to resist. After getting a couple quick snapshots and pinning our maps with the location we headed back to civilization. Neither of us had dressed for the rapidly falling temperatures after sunset and our leisurely ride ended with a hasty sprint home. Good food, good friends, and a good ride. Not a bad way to start the year.

All photos taken with an iPhone 6s Plus with Moondog Labs 1.33 anamorphic lens. Photo capture and initial processing in the Blackie app. Further processing in Adobe Lightroom.