The Mooks- Side 2

My buddies in The Mooks just released a new CD called Side 2 and they threw a release party at Antones Records in Austin a couple weekends ago. It has been many years since I've been in an actual record store. One of my first jobs way back in high school was working at a popular record store and being at Antones took me back to fond memories of those times. The ways we buy and listen to music have changed so much since then. The walls and bins full of vinyl records at Antones was a nostalgic experience. I realized how much I miss the the tactile experience of holding a vinyl record and enjoying the album art and liner notes. 

Unfortunately, vinyl records are now a very expensive way to enjoy music. I haven't owned a turntable for a couple of decades and I was astonished at what vinyl records sell for these days. It's an expensive collectible. Producing a recording on vinyl is likewise a very pricey endeavor. The Mooks' Side 2 is a CD release in a modest cardboard sleeve. Just as well since I wouldn't have been able to play a vinyl record anyway. Pity. It's a nice recording all the same and it will be much easier to get on my iPhone so I can enjoy the music in my car.

The guys crammed into an aisle at the store and played a short set that was no less blistering than if they had been on a club stage. I moved around the record bins and weaved among the small crowd as best I could to get a few photos. Unusual for me, I shot in color. The majority of my live music photography is black and white. This was an odd scenario though - one that presented a big challenge for me.

Color photos would ordinarily be a poor choice. The store was lit with bright fluorescent and the afternoon sun was pouring in through the storefront windows. Plenty of light, but mixed in color, flat, and boring. My black and white style fits best with sparsely lit stage lighting. Color was a bit of a long shot as there is no way my colorblind eyes can deal with mixed light in post production. So, I set my Fujifilm X100F to Classic Chrome film simulation with auto white balance and just shot away. The colors aren't perfect I'm sure but I wasn't happy with the contrast lacking lighting in the black and white versions I tried. Regardless, I was pleased with some of the moments I was able to capture.