Rhythm Congress at Black Sparrow

It's not often around here that I get to see a large band with a horn section. When I heard that Rhythm Congress was performing at the nearby Black Sparrow Music Parlor in Taylor last Friday night, I was thrilled that I would be able to attend. My friend Samantha, who I know from her fantastic renditions of our national anthem at Texas Stars games, sings for the band. It was a real treat to see her and the guys in Rhythm Congress perform some great R&B tunes with a full bodied sound that can only come from a band with horns.

As is usually the case, I opted to take some photos in black and white with my Fujifilm X100F's wonderful Acros film simulation. I love what that simulation gives me in low light performances like this. I can crank the ISO up and get a pleasing grain while maintaining a refined look. I just love the tonality that I get, as it helps contribute a sense of intimacy to stage lit performers. Using the in-camera highlight and shadow controls I am able to emphasize what is important and let the rest fall to shadow.

One of the things I love about photographing bands in small venues off the beaten path like this is the access I can get around the stage. Folks were able to find comfortable seating in the parlor-like room and I had plenty of space to wander around the stage for a few songs and get close up shots with my TCL converter on my X100F. It was tricky to isolate band members and I had to really push my exposures in some areas of the unevenly lit stage. Still, I came away with some shots that I think capture some of the energy of the performance.

More photos from the show are on my gallery site.