A Ride and a Roll

It had been way too long since I'd taken a ride on a motorcycle down some Texas backroads when I decided to saddle up on my Road King one warm afternoon in early Autumn. Nothing clears my head quite like a ride down some lonely roads, yet I seem to find precious little time to hop on the bike and head away from the city with no particular destination in mind. Photography isn't usually a big priority on little outings like these. Still, there are plenty of interesting sights that stir up nostalgic thoughts and I can't help pausing along the way to capture a bit of a quickly fading past. 

My image gathering companion on this trip was a Zeiss Ikon Nettax medium format film camera. It's quirky to use, with no working meter and focus distance guestimation. This beautiful camera, a gift from a dear friend, is a well suited for travel on two wheels. It folds to a thickness not much more than a deck of cards and slips into a jacket pocket or hip pouch. Sure, so does my iPhone. The limitation of shots on a roll of film, 12 in this case, is just what I need to keep me from turning a ride on a beautiful afternoon into a snap happy photo excursion. It's all about balance.