Sister 7 at One 2 One

One of my favorite Austin bands played at One 2 One Bar in Austin last night. It had been so long since Sister 7 got together on stage. Too long. This band is a powerhouse, fronted by Patrice Pike and backed by some of the best musicians in Austin. Patrice's energy over the the rock solid groove of the band is always a treat to see. I'm hoping this reunion is indicative of more shows to come.

I was happy to get some shots of Sister 7. Most were taken in my usual black and white style with my Fujifilm X100F and the TCL-X100 II conversion lens. It's a combination and really liking these days. The black and white processing is done in camera with the Acros film simulation and adjusted for contrast in post.


I don't often shoot in color at concerts. Apart from a preference for black and white, it is just too frustrating usually. Being colorblind, it is difficult to get the white balance right. The predominately blue (I think) lighting at One 2 One bar makes it tough to get color that looks right to me. I did shoot raw + JPEG at this show and some of the images looked OK to me with an auto balance with a VSCO Provia film simulation in Lightroom. 


Check out more photos from the show on my gallery site.