Benefit Show at Black Sparrow Music Parlor

The Black Sparrow Music Parlor was the place to be in Taylor, TX last Friday as several bands took the stage to raise some money for a very worthy cause. In mid October, 5 children lost their parents when their motorcycle was hit by a car running a red light. It is so horrific to even think about. Area musicians decided to do what they could and got together to play a free event and collect donations to go towards the care of the children.

I got to see 3 of the bands that played that night. There was some great punk and rockabilly style music going on and it was touching to see these guys playing their hearts out to help some kids whose lives will never be the same. Pete from UK76 pulled triple duty by playing in each of these bands and he was energetic and passionate for the cause the whole time. Well done, guys.


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Rian C

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All photos taken with a Fujifilm X100F and TCL-X100 II conversion lens using Acros film simulation.