East Side Transformation

I was down in East Austin last month checking out a Punk Rock Flea Market and I decided to take a little stroll. This part of Austin has slowly been transforming over the years from a grungy high crime area to a renovated urban landscape of condos and art studios. There is a certain tension between the old and the new, apparent in art and architecture. Graffiti vs murals, derelict remnants vs sleek modern structures.

This wasn't a photo centric trip so I was toting only my iPhone. That and the Blackie app are all I need to take in the city. I wish now I'd done more photography down here before so many condos started popping up. I wonder how long it will be until condos with trendy businesses on the first floor that dominate the entire east side of Austin. That seems to be where things are headed. Hip and expensive living is the trend in Austin.