The Honeysuckle Roses in Taylor

Last night my buddies in The Honeysuckle Roses played a show at Texas Beer Company in Taylor. It was an awesome night to hang out at my favorite watering hole and enjoy some music by my talented friends. The band was a hit and I'm going to look forward to seeing them on this stage again soon. 

Of course I had to snap a few photos with my trusty X100F. That little camera along with its two conversion lenses are all I need to cover live music. It's nice to be able to travel so light. I can shoot for a few songs then put my gear away in an unobtrusive small shoulder bag and enjoy the rest of the show.

Check out more photos from the show on my gallery site. This time I went all out and shot a video of the band's rendition of "Come Together" with my iPhone. I guess I could have done that with the X100F as well but to be honest I'm more of a stills guy and I'm not even sure how to shoot video with that camera. It's easy enough to get a nice result with my iPhone that I haven't bothered to figure it out.