A Quiet Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone who takes the time to read my blog a very Merry Christmas. I have to admit this year Christmas has just about slipped past me. Things have been so busy and hectic for a variety of reasons. This morning my racing mind is finally calming a bit, along with the realization that Christmas is here regardless of the fact that I'm in no way ready for it. I haven't been able to embrace Christmas this year, at least not in the sense of what it entailed in years past - the frenzy of shopping and social get togethers. I didn't even manage to dig the tree out of the closet. My wife and I, along with Lucy the poodle, are simply spending a quiet day at home. Maybe we'll watch A Christmas Story. I'm sure it's playing on one of the channels.

Usually I try to get out and enjoy the decorations around the city at Christmas. While it got a bit chilly overnight, the weather this far south in Texas hardly feels like a winter wonderland. Sometimes festive holiday displays can help to foster that Christmasy feeling. While I didn't make it out for any Christmas photo excursions this year, I've been spending some of my holiday time off from work going through my archives. I found a few images from a day trip to Dallas back on New Years day of 2012 that have a bit of a holiday feel.

Back then I was still fairly new to photography. I toted around a Canon 5D DSLR with several lenses and a tripod. I was into HDR then so almost everything was shot from a tripod. Ugh. I don't miss the days of lugging around all that gear. All the images below were shot in brackets with the intention of processing with HDR and I never got around to doing anything with these. My mindset and technique has changed a lot over the years. HDR is a rarity for me now. After doing minimal processing on single raw files for each of these images, I deleted all the other files in the bracketed series. I just don't need those anymore. It's not how I want to work and I'm happy to reclaim the disk space. 

I'll talk more about my great photo library purge and the recent changes in my approach to post processing in another post eventually. For now, have a great holiday however you celebrate and enjoy some time with friends and family.