Downtown Dallas

For my Christmas post I shared some photos I took in Dallas a few years back. While I have a bit of time off for the holidays I have been going through my archives and revisiting old images that I never got around to processing and sharing. The images below are a few more shots from that same Dallas trip back at the beginning of 2012. 

It is amazing what a few years makes in a city. Six years ago Austin didn't have a whole lot of high rise buildings and I decided to make the trip to a "real city" to get a few architecture shots. These days construction is underway at a frenzied rate and Austin is starting to look like a mini Dallas. However, at the time I took these shots I felt like I needed a different setting. I spent a lot of time in downtown Austin in my early years of learning photography and a new muse was in order. While I don't consider myself an architectural photographer, I do enjoy dabbling. It is the shapes and contrasts, particularly in hard light, that attract my interest. 

Back when I took these photos I was into HDR and I always embarked on my photographic journeys with a tripod so I could capture bracketed exposures. When I went back through my archives and started working on these images, I deleted all those extra exposures. I processed each image from a single raw capture with my camera at the time, a Canon 5D. Like the changing city of Austin, I've gone through a lot of change in my photographic style and process. It's funny to look back now and see how I tried to bring out so much shadow detail in my images. These days I'm nearly opposite in my approach. I don't mind dark shadows and crushed blacks when they contribute to the overall look and mood I'm going for in an image.