Quiet Night at the Bar With The Fujifilm 18mm f/2

It was a quiet Thursday night at Hanovers last night. After the crowd last weekend for the tribute band night, the place seemed eerily deserted. I was there to meet up with a fellow photographer who was selling a Fujifilm lens I was interested in - the XF 18mm f/2. The price was right and I impulsively jumped on the deal. Sudden case of G.A.S. (i.e. gear acquisition syndrome)? No, not really.

It's a weird time for me to be buying gear as I've been in the process of carefully scrutinizing the things in my life and I've been offloading a lot of stuff of lately. It's a process of simplifying things - efforts toward a more minimalist lifestyle. If the new lens works out, it may replace one or two others. It fits between my 16mm and 23mm lens and I'm wondering if it is capable of doing the jobs of the others well enough. Time will tell.

I grabbed a few test shots before buying the new-to-me lens. It was a good test environment. This is my usual territory. Little light, pulling something out of virtual nothingness. Lens wide open, ISO up, shutter speed down. Not too bad. I'll look forward to putting this little lens through the paces.