Taylor at Night

It was a long day at work yesterday and the sun had long since set as I left the office. I was looking for a cold beer and a good dinner but I wasn't up for the Friday night crowd in the Austin suburbs. After pondering the thought of just heading home and microwaving my dinner, I decided to enjoy the cool evening and headed to Texas Beer in Taylor. I knew there would be a couple of guys selling BBQ sandwiches at the bar and I could get a pint or two of their house made beer.

After eating my sandwich, I took my beer outside to a picnic table on the sidewalk and in the quiet night I felt like I had this small town to myself. It's a nice retreat from the bustling Austin nightlife and I was able to mentally unwind from my work week. I enjoyed drinking my beer at a leisurely pace as only a trickle of pedestrian traffic occasionally passed by.

It was too nice of a night to not take a little walk around downtown and, of course, snap a few photos before heading home. My little late evening stroll was a striking contrast to a walk I took in downtown Austin a while back with a couple of friends. In comparison, Austin was congested with traffic, loud, "Dirty 6th" fully lived up to its local nickname with grimy streets and repulsive smells, and aggressive panhandlers were swarming the sidewalks. As people continue to move to the Austin area in droves, I don't know how long downtown Taylor will remain the quiet respite from Austin that it is today. I'll enjoy it while I can.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S+, Blackie app, contrast adjusted in Lightroom.