Goodbye, Chloe

This is the hardest post I've written since starting this blog. Today I had to say goodbye to the sweetest little friend a guy could have. It has been 14 years. A true gift of a lifetime in dog years yet unfairly short to me. Chloe, you put up a hell of a fight and made my days a little brighter for the time we were together. Thank you.

I'd say that my wife and I picked Chloe out of her litter but that isn't exactly true. She took a flying leap onto my chest when we met and licked my face like we'd known each other for years. How could I say no to that? Every day when I got home for the past 14 years I could look forward to that same greeting. She did her best to keep my life in balance. Work hard, play hard. Always take time to throw a ball around.

Chloe got sick about 5 years ago. We were initially told by our vet that she didn't have long due to a huge tumor wrapping around her liver. My wife and I weren't ready to let go and we reached out to a specialist who said he believed he could save her life. He was right and he got us another 5 years. Chloe bounced right back. It was a miracle.

We had some happy years together until the past few months when the symptoms returned. This time there was nothing to be done. We enjoyed her company up to the point where it was obvious she was struggling to stay with us and it no longer seemed fair to try and prolong her life. Always the fighter, her eyes told me she was finally ready to rest. We had a good last day together. We went to a few of her favorite places and made some visits to say goodbye. Chloe had some chicken strips for lunch and cookies and ice cream for desert. 

I don't know that I can sum up her beautiful life in just a few photos. It doesn't do her justice. She was our Princess. Always playful, very vocal and stubborn, quite the little clown, sometimes a pain in the butt. We loved her dearly. 

Goodbye, Chloe. I'm really going to miss your smile.