Lonestar Round Up - Color Edition

Last weekend I got to attend the Lonestar Round Up, my favorite car show of the year around here. I met my friend Mark and his kids out there for a stroll through all the rows of cars while we got caught up with each other.  I wanted to take photos of course but I also wanted to enjoy spending some time with friends without being burdened with a lot of camera gear. This year I grabbed some obligatory snapshots in a different way. 

I had 4 cameras with me at the Round Up. Yeah, I know, I just said I didn't want to lug around a lot of gear. I still kept my word. In my smallest bag I had my Nikon FM with 35mm lens, an Olympus Stylus, and an Olympus XA2. In addition, I had my iPhone so that's 4 cameras - 3 film, one digital. Originally I had the idea of shooting only with the point and shoot film cameras and supplement a bit with the iPhone. I mainly brought the FM along because it was loaded with a roll of Tri-X that I wanted to finish up.

Last week I shared my iPhone shots. Today I'll share some color images from the film cameras. I had a roll of Agfa Vista 200 in the Stylus and a roll of Svema 125 in the XA2. The Agfa has been my go-to film for casual snapshots and I'd been wanting to try the Svema for a while. The Svema has an interesting color palette that is very muted, with good contrast. It had more grain than I expected for a film of that speed but it was fine for the subject matter. I ended up liking the Agfa shots a little bit better, which is nice because it is a very inexpensive film.

Agfa Vista 200

Svema 125

More shots from the Round Up are on my gallery site here. Film processing and scanning by Austin Camera.