Lonestar Round Up - B&W Edition

Yesterday I shared a few color film images that I took at the annual Lonestar Round Up car show. This time I wanted to share a few images in black and white, shot on Kodak Tri-X film with my Nikon FM and a 35mm lens. While the color images were taken with fully auto point and shoot cameras that did all the exposure metering, these were entirely up to me. Sunny 16 rule on a kind of overcast day!

I did have a pocket light meter with me and I did a few initial checks of the light. Before taking a shot I'd guess the exposure and check against the meter. I was right most of the time so I put it away. There is a lot of leeway with Tri-X so there was nothing to fear. I put a yellow filter on my lens to keep the sky pulled in a bit and just casually took my photos while wandering around an awesome collection of cars. As usual I stuck with the classics and rat rods. It isn't an easy decision to use black and white film on the rats. All that rusty texture looks amazing in color. Honestly, it came down to the fact that the FM was already loaded with an almost full roll.

Here are a few favorite sightings.

Film development and scanning by Austin Camera. More images from the Round Up are on my gallery site here.