Swap Meet at Flash Motorbikes

I stopped by Flash Motorbikes, a neat little independent motorcycle shop in Austin, for a swap meet they were having today. This event is something I've been to before and I was looking forward to seeing what folks rode in on and what goodies might be up for sale.

A threat of severe weather in the early morning hours and residual high winds through late morning seemed to keep the majority of motorcyclists away unfortunately. The turnout was disappointing. I did see a few neat bikes though, including a really sweet Vincent. I came away with a nice print by a guy who does some very detailed motorcycle drawings. It was a good time hanging with some friends and talking bikes. Of course, I snapped a few photos of bikes or parts of them that caught my interest. I even snuck in a self portrait of sorts.

Images were captured with an iPhone 6S Plus using the Blackie app.