Taylor on a Saturday Night

My wife and I stopped by Texas Beer in the small town of Taylor this evening for a refreshing adult beverage. We've been enjoying visiting Taylor lately. There are a few neat places to eat or grab a drink in renovated buildings downtown. It's such a nice change from Austin, which is getting downright unpleasant to visit these days. It's great to be able to pop into town without the traffic congestion, expensive parking, noise, and crowds of people in the bigger city. 

It seemed extra quiet, even for Taylor, this Saturday evening. There were threats of severe thunderstorms so maybe people decided to stay in. A brief storm passed while we enjoyed our drinks. To our delighted surprise, the oppressively muggy weather was replaced with cool Autumn-like air. Weird how fast the weather changes in these parts. As we walked back to our car, I snapped a few shots on the quiet streets with my iPhone and my favorite app, Blackie.