Hood Art at the Lonestar Round Up

The Lonestar Round Up, an annual car show at the Travis County Expo Center, rolled through town this weekend and I got to spend a bit of time walking around with my friend Mark and his kids. This event seems to draw more people every year and while I hate being in large crowds of people I do enjoy seeing the amazing cars that folks bring out. The Round Up is one of few large scale events that I can convince my introverted self to attend.

This year I photographed mostly with film. I've been doing that more lately when I attend car and bike shows. It is something that I have found to bring balance between photography and being in the moment with friends and people I meet at the events. It's so easy to get wrapped up shooting practically limitless numbers of pictures with my digital gear and I come away feeling like I missed out on a lot of the experience of the event and some good conversations with interesting people. Film limits my time behind the camera, in a good way. I'll limit myself to a couple of rolls usually. That doesn't mean I eschew digital photography completely at these events. I still have my iPhone and I've used it to supplement my film shots just a little bit.

Last year I found an app for iPhone called "Blackie" and I use it almost exclusively when I take photos with my phone. The film simulations are really close to the look I like when I shoot with real film. The iPhone focuses closer than most of my lens on my film cameras, which makes it a great tool for getting complimentary shots to the larger scale compositions I typically do with the film cameras. The fast and intuitive interface in Blackie lets me grab quick shots of details in passing.

Hood ornaments are one of the key details on cars that attract my attention, especially on custom builds. They are like a finishing touch on a work of art and often have some special significance to the builder. I decided to put together a collection of some of the ornaments that I enjoyed. As always, you can click images for larger views.

All photos were taken with an iPhone 6S+ using the Blackie app, Tri-X film simulation.