Rustic Roadside Sights

I was meandering through some backroads on my motorcycle a few weeks back. It was just one of those aimless trips where I was out to enjoy the ride and clear my head. Sometimes I don't bother taking a camera at all on trips like that. Other times I'll take something small, simple, and pocketable. Sounds like an iPhone maybe? Nah. I often try to leave as much technology behind as I can on these quiet backroads rides. This time my camera companion was an Olympus Stylus 35mm film camera, loaded up with a roll of Agfa 200.

As it turned out, I didn't do that much shooting that day. The ride was more needed than the photography fix. I stopped rarely and grabbed shots of a few rustic looking abandoned homes and other structures. Nothing out of the ordinary for these parts. Most of the film roll went unused, saved for another day. That's OK. There will always be other rides.