Granger Car Show

The nearby small town of Granger, TX is a favorite place of mine to wander around on quiet strolls and casually snap a few photos. If you visit my blog with any regularity, chances are you've seen a few shots from Granger. The normally calm streets were bustling with activity due to a car show and arts & crafts festival going on this weekend. I couldn't resist stopping by to see what classic beauties and ratted out hot rods might be lining the streets.

I travelled light on this outing. This was one of several stops I'd be making with my wife and our little dog Lucy yesterday afternoon. As such, I didn't bother bringing any "real cameras." I didn't want to get too immersed in photography and neglect my family. It was just my iPhone and my favorite app, Blackie. That was plenty enough, as I've been impressed with the quality of images I get with that combination. My only complaint is the same I have with any camera lacking a viewfinder - the screen is very difficult to see in bright sunlight and I was virtually guessing at the composition of a lot of shots. I tried to shoot a little loose and crop later. 

The little details I see in some of the cars at shows like this are as much fun to capture as the vehicles themselves. Maybe more so. It's like an Easter egg hunt searching for little personal touches, exceptional fine details, or interesting reflections. Close-up photography is one area of photography in which the iPhone excels.