Cruising the Parking Lot at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

I shared some shots that I took at the Handbuilt Motorcycle show a couple of weeks back. This time I wanted to share a few images from outside the show. The street in front of Fair Market was closed off for motorcycle parking and these are some of the bikes people rode in the show. Sometimes the bikes in the parking lot are even more interesting than the show bikes.

The images below were taken with my trusty Olympus XA2 and a roll of Portra 400 film. If you follow my blog with any regularity you know that I'm often inclined to shoot a roll or two of film at events like this, often with seemingly limiting cameras. Shooting with the simple XA2 lets me stay in the moment and enjoy the show and company of the folks I'm hanging out with. These images are very snapshot-like. Nothing fancy, just quick captures of things that interest me.

The little XA2 can be a challenge to use since I find it difficult to see the framelines through the viewfinder with my glasses on. I shoot looser than I would normally with this camera. The XA2 does a fine job with exposure and the images it produces are just sharp enough. I find them to have a bit of a low-fi look that really suits the subject matter. Below are a few favorites. Check out more sights from the Handbuilt Show on my gallery site.