Hod Rod Night at Top Notch

Top Notch, an Austin burger drive-in, hosts regular hot rod nights and I stopped by last night's event for a bit of motor nostalgia. Top Notch is such a great place for events like this. It hasn't changed much from its 1970s origins and it reminds me of the drive-ins I went to as a kid. I'm a child of the late 60s and while a lot of the classic cars I saw pre-date me, I do appreciate the style and craftsmanship that goes into these machines. 

Yeah, these old automobiles are gas guzzlers. The latest technology in cars makes them gas sippers compared to these machines of yesteryear. In my book though, those modern machines built from aluminum and plastic just don't have the soul of these steel forged classics. I'll take that good old art-deco styling over just about any modern car. 

One of the things I love most about car shows is hunting for interesting details, whether they be accents from the manufacturer, personal touches, props, or even reflections in chrome or glossy paint. I always feel like I could spend hours looking over the cars, searching for those little Easter eggs. 

All photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100f using the Acros film simulation. You can see more images from the event on my gallery site.